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About Us

Our Products
Stealth Products designs and manufactures the finest Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF) Products on the market. We provide retail and wholesale lines of smell proof duffel bags, backpacks, pocket pouches, and food grade vacuum bags. Our technologically advanced line of odorproof ACF products can be used for trips to the gym or on your next hiking or camping trip to help keep wildlife away from your supplies.  Our odorless bags will certainly keep bears away from your tomatoes! As the oldest and most advanced established retailer and wholesaler of odorless ACF products, we’ve dedicated years of research and development to provide the best line of smellproof bags.

Our History
Stealth Products started with the very original idea of creating odorless layers of protection through a line of bags that would contain odors through the use of materials that would either absorb or contain odors no matter how strong. In 2010 we started the process of designing a variety of ACF duffle bags, backpacks, pocket pouches and various sized food grade vacuum bags for multiple uses across a variety of industries.  Our line was the first on the market with this application of “ACF” and because of ongoing research our product line expands and improves with every new order.

When you buy a Stealth Product odorless bag, it’s designed to work and manufactured to last.

Our Commitment
Stealth Products is committed to design, manufacture and deliver the best smell proof odorless carry product on the market. We also apply this same philosophy to the items we don’t manufacture. All the products we sell on Stealth-Products.com will be what we would want to buy for ourselves or as a gift. Our products will always be designed to work and manufactured to last.

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